"I’m convinced men actually have zero interest in stopping abortion. Here’s why…"
Samuel Leighton-Dore

14 Sep 2018 - 2:31 PM  UPDATED 14 Sep 2018 - 2:38 PM

An American mother of six has schooled the internet on abortion with a series of informative, perfectly crafted tweets that's seen women around the world fist-pump at their desks.

Gabrielle Blair, a Mormon and designer from Oakland, California, is the name behind popular blog Design Mum, which focuses on the "intersection of design and motherhood".

The mother's epic thread of 32 tweets began with saying she had a "good understanding of arguments surrounding abortion, religious and otherwise."

She continued: "I’ve been listening to men grandstand about women’s reproductive rights, and I’m convinced men actually have zero interest in stopping abortion. Here’s why…"

Blair then launched into an in-depth argument tackling conception, the disassociation of sex from pregnancy, the ongoing policing of women's bodies and both the safety and practicality of vasectomies.

"If you want to stop abortion, you need to prevent unwanted pregnancies," she reasoned.

"And men are 100% responsible for unwanted pregnancies. No for real, they are. Perhaps you are thinking: IT TAKES TWO! And yes, it does take two for intentional pregnancies.

"But ALL unwanted pregnancies are caused by the irresponsible ejaculations of men. Period. Don’t believe me? Let me walk you through it. Let’s start with this: women can only get pregnant about 2 days each month. And that’s for a limited number of years," she wrote.

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She added: "That makes 24 days a year a women might get pregnant. But men can cause pregnancy 365 days a year. In fact, if you’re a man who ejaculates multiple times a day, you could cause multiple pregnancies daily. In theory a man could cause 1000+ unwanted pregnancies in just one year.

"And though their sperm gets crappier as they age, men can cause unwanted pregnancies from puberty till death. So just starting with basic biology + the calendar it’s easy to see men are the issue here."

Blair went on to say that, while she's grateful for birth control, The Pill has some "brutal" side effects for women - bringing attention to the fact that "when an oral contraception for men was created, it wasn’t approved because of the side effects."

Not only that, but as she pointed out, the list of side effects was "about 1/3 as long as the known side effects for women’s oral contraception".

Safe to say Blair's message resonated instantly with readers.

"Yes, yes, yes!" One replied.

"Best post ever. Such clarity. I love your argument and whole-heartedly agree!"

"PREACH! I love this post," wrote another.

"I haven’t heard anyone talk about abortion from this angle and I totally agree. I’m so tired of living in a male-dominated world."

"You are my hero for this," responded a third woman.

"Thank you for having the guts to put this out there!!"

You can read the full thread here.

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