We spoke to two experts on how to remain alert to the big challenges facing the world without getting too alarmed.
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Most new immigrants to this country, regardless of when they arrived here don’t neatly fit into the “Gen” labels.
Where do you turn when your son has learning and behavioural issues which, while not severe enough to trigger extra funding, can make bewildering and treacherous...
There was joy in discovering the music my body could create without my mind’s interference.
As a 10-year-old, I wanted to belong, to quickly assimilate and to shed the dreaded title of ‘the kid who can’t speak English’.
Many couch surfers are young teens of refugee background who have fallen through the cracks.

Years and Years

As society changes at an ever-increasing pace, the Lyons family experiences everything we hope for in the future, and everything we fear.

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“We are at a particularly critical juncture in human history because of the degree of power that technology is giving us.”
Would we even have Phoebe Waller-Bridge without Emma Thompson?
We spoke to two experts on how to remain alert to the big challenges facing the world without getting too alarmed.
Dystopian drama 'Years and Years' takes a refreshing look at queer lives that are believably complex, tenderly depicted, but with all the prickles still attached.
This exceptional six-part series delivers a chilling, futuristic tale that taps into collective worldwide rage and chaos. ‘Years and Years’ is unlike anything...
Only a small amount of fake news is needed to disrupt a conversation, and at extremes it can have an impact on democratic processes, including elections.
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There was joy in discovering the music my body could create without my mind’s interference.
In parts of Asia, supernatural and spirituality are so popular that the stories permeate your subconscious even if you are a skeptic.
Steps towards making a home – from adopting a cat to putting a hook in the wall – require written consent, putting the benefits of owning a pet or the pleasures...
The modern-day Halloween celebration is a about celebrating children and families.
I was struck by being surrounded by a warmth and embryonic sense of communal belonging that I had never felt before.


Celebrating the diversity of the LGBTIQ+ community in Australia.

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Dystopian drama 'Years and Years' takes a refreshing look at queer lives that are believably complex, tenderly depicted, but with all the prickles still attached.
“I have pride in my son, how can I not be proud?”
"If you want to be a girl, you can just be a girl."
"Ciarran is exactly the kind of man #BacheloretteAU should be showcasing."
The impact Garland had on her gay fans has never been up for debate. But this year, in the film Judy, Garland's gay fans have finally been recognised for having a...
At 16 I was too scared to borrow anything gay, already there was a gothic terror in me.
I felt like I had to make a choice. I couldn’t be religious and gay - it was impossible. I’d have to either hide my truth inside those white pillars, or live my...

Sweatshop Collective

A partnership with Western Sydney writers’ collective Sweatshop, now in its second year, showcases stories from diverse perspectives. 


"Trance, Eurobeat, happy hardcore, and hardstyle was the soundtrack to growing up Asian in Australia."
Despite the assurances of experts on Q&A, uniforms are not the great equaliser we think they are.
In my family, tattoos are a no-no. We‘re a rowdy bunch that crack dirty jokes around each other and drop the ‘c’ word in casual conversation, yet for some reason...
It is important to understand that OneFour are artists who make art in direct response to racism and marginalisation.
My grandma eloped with a Greek merchant and my mum was a big hearted barmaid who swore like a truckie. We were unconventional women who were Lebanese 'adjacent'.
I open my eyes, I am standing, the old people, the ones before - we stand side by side. My family.
This is an extract from 'Sweatshop Women: Volume One', edited by Winnie Dunn.


Parenting for modern families: new rules for a new age.

Once our daughter arrived I realised how much work my wife did around the house, and how slack I had been.
The fact of the matter is most people don’t really ask new mums whether they are OK. And when they do, they don’t really want to know the ugly reality of the...
When my son died on the day he was born, people were ready, willing and able to roll up their sleeves and help in any way they could.
Dads who encourage children to try new thing and don’t shield them from disappointment or let them win all the time may help them avoid social anxiety in young...
“Why don’t you look like your mum and dad?” my twins are often asked.
Three learner driver kids multiplied by 120 hours, divided by 2 parents, equals carnage, right?
It scares me to think about combining my finances. But where does this anxiety come from?


Let's talk about it all: from love and dating to divorce and estrangement (and everything in between).

It is incredibly difficult to be the child of a parent with destructive narcissistic patterns because we are hardwired to want their approval.
If your partner is having an endometriosis flare-up, it's probably best not to complain that she won't cook a separate meal for you.
While others chased Pokémon around suburbia, I chased my own body hair.
Not all instances of sexism are easy to explain, but they can have a similar impact on women's mental health as overt sexism, writes research fellow Beatrice Alba.
They use the wrong pronouns, they call me ‘ma’am’ or group me into ‘ladies’. People who learn I am in a relationship with a man assume I am straight.
When you are trying to make a friend, it can be easy to want to go straight to the Oprah and Gayle stage but not everyone is meant to be a best friend.
On 12th September I’ll be asking people R U OK? But then I’ll be doing it on 13th September too.

Emerging Asian-Australian Writers

Read stories about love, sexuality, family and mental health by up and coming Asian-Australian voices, in an essay series edited by Candice Chung. 

For many trans people, changing their name is an important part of embodying identity. But what if your name also carries your cultural heritage?
I’m beginning to say my name the way my mum utters it. I’m reclaiming my accent and it’s drawing me closer to my identity as Filipino-Australian.
No matter how hard I tried, the ‘Asian points’ I couldn’t get were the ones tied to a family and cultural upbringing I never had.
Slowly, I learnt to appreciate the rhythm of my father’s garden. I learnt to appreciate his patience and the growing of food as an act of love and generosity.
The library gave Dad and me a safe space to exist outside our roles at home. I learnt about Dad’s tastes in films and books. I also learnt he likes to take his...
Our struggles, while not all the same, are interconnected.
I was raised in and still live with a strict Filipino Catholic family where my options are straight or straighter. The compartmentalisation required to keep my...

Multi-faith Voices

Highlights from some of the most exciting emerging Muslim Australian writers.  

There are so many different kinds of Muslim communities: the Turkish, Afghani, Indian, Pakistani, Uyghur, Filipino, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean. We are not a...
The truth is, inclusivity and diversity have become a new metric of success for multi-billion dollar companies.
I watched as my father hammered multiple bullets into my mother’s flesh. In that moment, the world I knew completely vanished from existence.
For many Muslims, Ramadan and Eid can be a time that is bittersweet.
Having small children has cured me of artistic perfectionism. If I want perfection, then I will never create anything.
My mother was afraid of being labelled a bad mother and, at the same time, embarrassed about how the abuse would be perceived and racialised by outsiders.
I want her to know that her determination is a gift she can harness, and not an inconvenience to me.

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