Racism rears its ugly head constantly in the dating lives of black women in a white man's world.
Natalie Wood cast as 'Maria' wearing brownface in the 1961 classic film was a famous example of whitewashing. But hopes that Opera Australia would correct this...
The things brown and black people have to do to be accepted as fully fledged members of the national community, hey?
It was apt that these women managed to do with words what weapons, brute force and diplomacy had failed to do.
"I feel my community at all times; I am my community at all times."
"As a seasoned speaker who happens to be a coloured Muslim woman, it has taken me years to establish a public voice in spaces typically dominated by majority...
There are four important factors that affect how young people responded.
“‘Sex addiction’ and ‘sex compulsivity’ are completely different issues,” said one expert.
"There's still so much to do." Nominations for this year's Community Hero award are now open.


A look at the way in which we live.

What to do when your non-Vietnamese friends expect you to know Anh Do and how to make an excellent bánh xèo.
I wanted my writing to be universal and palatable, and somehow I’d received the clear message that being myself wasn’t either of those things.
The definition of beauty changes constantly, and mostly in a way that doesn’t consider blackness in any meaningful way.
"Everyone is making a mountain out of a molehill."
"It’s never easy to perform. It has not gotten easier on the stage."
"I’ve never quite understood Marvel’s reluctance to introduce a gay character in their movies, mostly because have you seen those movies? They are gay, honey."


The latest commentary on what's going on in our world. 

"It is safe to say that a fat, queer, butch, possibly transmasculine person, is not a role for Scarlett Johansson."
David Leyonhjelm’s sexist slur on Sarah Hanson-Young is a long-standing tactic and raises many issues about how women’s credibility can be undermined, writes Eva...
Why attacks on Lucy Zelić behind have struck a chord with those who did not grow up John, Jane and Mary.
Flexible working arrangements are cited as the most important prerequisite to fostering gender diversity. So why are flexible roles accessible in theory, but...
The next time you hear someone excuse terrible male behaviour with the line, “oh he’s probably on the spectrum”, just remember: so am I.



Beyond studies and research, we examine how our health impacts the rest of our lives.  

Women who experience miscarriage frequently feel grief and loss of a similar intensity to other major losses. When offering support, these are the dos and don'ts.
“A food addiction is almost more exhausting than the drug addiction – you can put the drugs and alcohol down but you can never put down food. You always have to...
How forced pregnancies and abortions deny women control over their own bodies.
When your arm is broken, it's easy to gain sympathy from others - it's not as easy when people can't physically see the pain you’re going through.
For refugees and those who have experienced trauma, gardening can be a source of stress relief and provide an anchoring to traditional culture and foods from back...
"We are having a break through with this…I’m so excited."
"Humour is our best tool to get through our pain, and to get ‘over’ ourselves."


Celebrating the diversity of sexuality in Australia and its multicultural communities.

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"If it sounds miserable and bleak, that's because it is miserable and bleak."
“We do not condone their approach and message and hope the actions of a very small number people does not overshadow the messages of the 30,000 people marching...
The actor, writer and director opens up about his creative process, relationship with Nicole Kidman, and why he hates Madonna.
My girlfriend takes so graciously the fact that I keep her a secret, but regardless of her support, it’s still something I have a hard time navigating.
“We pray that more and more Christians will act, speak, and love the LGBT people like Jesus would."


Parenting for modern families: new rules for a new age.

Whether they are breastfeeding, struggling to, or find they can’t, far too many women experience a lack of support in feeding their baby.
Women are more likely to have their sleep disrupted by children and family obligations, while men’s sleep is affected by workplace demands.
Children from families that place a strong emphasis on following the rules and not open dialogue also report lying more frequently.
There are just so many things to be angry about as a parent. My children never know where their shoes are. We’re always late. Every day, bath time is a battle....
Children’s access to quality childcare is, more than ever, dependent on whether the government views their parents as deserving or not.
As Hong Kong moves to ban LGBTIQ+ themed titles from public libraries, we asked Australian author Jo Hirst to share some of her favourite children's books.
A specific type of parental grief.

The Handmaid's Tale

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Women like Aunt Lydia exist and have always existed. In the show she is an enforcer; in real life we can recognise her as the moral campaigner.
For black people these stories do not have to be imagined as a dystopian future.
Some of the most damaging kinds of oppression stem from the rules women enforce upon females, writes Amal Awad.
We’re a long way from Gilead, but pollution can hurt fertility.
Move over, pink pussy hats. There’s a new feminist protest outfit in town.


Let's talk about it all: from love and dating to divorce and estrangement (and everything in between).

Studies of Tinder and Facebook show that a sense of humour is the most valued quality in a potential mate. This is why.
"My sexuality is not a byproduct of my past relationships with men, who I have loved, but rather a part of myself I was born with and love deeply."
I think of the ‘opposites sketch’ on You Can’t Do That On Television. They reverse the roles – in one sketch the kid really wants to go to school but his mum...
My relationships are the space where I don’t have to be anything — no filters, no pithy captions, no hot takes, no ambition to perform or please. It’s...
Romance fraud offenders are highly skilled individuals who use every means possible to deceive, manipulate and exploit victims.
Few women are even aware that provisions for assistance exist, let alone how to access them.
Move over Marie Kondo. The real self-help phenomenon in Japan is a book by writer Fumitake Koga and philosopher Ichiro Kishimi.

Refugee stories

How do migrants and refugees adjust to life in Australia?

Turn that feeling of despair into action.
Apart from driving policy in the short term, do confronting images create change in public perception and willingness to act in relation to refugee issues?
Every time I see an MP on TV saying Australians are saying this or that about refugees, I think, who are they? Where do they live? Is there another Australia than...
I had to leave my piano in Syria and I haven’t played since we left. My sister plays guitar though, and she took her guitar to Lebanon and then Sydney. My friends...
Najeeba was 10 when she and her family escaped the Taliban in her home country of Afghanistan. With a heavily pregnant mother, the family lived in fear as a...
I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t care what other people say. I just do it. I just follow my dreams.
Across the road from Springvale train station, about 20 kilometres southeast of Melbourne’s CBD, there is an unmarked café—the Rohingya Bazaar.

Who Do You Think You Are

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“I had been reluctant to expose myself in that quite personal way, but I’m so glad I did."
Genealogy is now the second most visited category of websites after pornography - where does our fascination with ancestry come from?
Genealogy hacks can help you break through brick walls and uncover your family history.
"These stories made me heave, horrified by their gruesome weight, but they have given me a deeper understanding and appreciation of this man I’ve known all my...
DNA testing might have shown she's "full" Maori, but New Zealand television presenter Oriini Kaipara says it's how you act, not what your DNA profile is, that...
It takes just seconds to send off a saliva swab to see where your DNA comes from, but family history research can uncover some real shocks, as Rachel Croucher...
Genetics can tell us many things, some of which we may not be prepared for.

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