• Avery Jackson has succeeded in buying her dream "Transgender House" (Planting Peace)Source: Planting Peace
Avery Jackson launched a crowdfunding effort to create a "Transgender House" next door to the controversial Westboro Baptist church and succeeded.
Bianca Soldani

30 Jun 2016 - 1:36 PM  UPDATED 30 Jun 2016 - 1:36 PM

The Westboro Baptist church is a small parish in Topeka, Kansas. Despite having only a handful of members, they've managed to garner worldwide attention for their penchant for spewing hate against the LGBTQIA+ community and picketing the funerals war veterans.

One young girl is taking a stand against the church's bigotry.

Eight-year-old Avery Jackson is transgender and after a successful crowdfunding campaign, has raised enough money to buy a house two doors down from the church and boldly paint it in the colours of the transgender flag.

Meet the 8-year-old girl crowdfunding 'Transgender House'
A young transgender girl in the US is hoping to raise $91,000 to transform a Kansas house into a symbol of peace and acceptance for the LGBTI community.

She was able to complete the project with the support of Planting Peace, a human rights and anti-bullying support group who set up the neighbouring, rainbow painted Equality House.

Once a year, Equality House - which functions as a base for Planting Peace's operations - is taken over by the white, pink and blue colours of the transgender flag.

It was at one of those times that Avery visited for the first time, and she was so inspired by the idea that she set about making it a more permanent fixture.  

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Love wins: community members dress in giant angel wings to screen out hate from members of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting at a funeral for a victim of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

Her dream was largely realised thanks to the donation of New York developer Martin Dunn who donated US$70,000 to her crowdfunding efforts.

He tells the New York Daily News, “I have three children and if I had a kid that was transgender I would want a place that would celebrate them and accept them. That’s just not available in this country and it should be.”