• Brice Ehmig, a gay bagpiper in her final year of college, decided she'd had enough of the homophobic preacher on her campus, and put a stop to it, with bagpipes (Facebook)Source: Facebook
"I have seen too much tragedy in the LGBTQ community to let a man in cargo pants tell me I am the embodiment of sin," said the bagpiper.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

31 Aug 2016 - 3:19 PM  UPDATED 31 Aug 2016 - 3:19 PM

Brice Ehmig was fed up with the homophobic preacher roaming her Florida college campus, who'd subjected her and her girlfriend to homophobic abuse multiple times for holding hands, comparing homosexuality to beastiality.

"He was targeting me in particular due to our prior interactions in which he would yell at me as I held hands with my girlfriend," she told The Daily Record, adding: "Very few subjects are safe from his preaching. In the past I have heard him say 'if you wear shorts like that you are asking to be raped', 'porn leads to hell', and 'If you study the sciences you are going against God'."

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"I couldn’t even take up the offering. I was simply looking to be actively involved and become a member of the church… Because I was gay, that was sufficient for [them] to turn around and say no. And by then, I thought, ‘That’s just not right'."

Deciding that the preacher needed to be stopped, Brice came up with a revenge plot better than Kill Bill - bagpipes.

While the preacher tries to carry on with his message of hate, Brice - who has been playing bagpipes for 10 years - stands nearby, playing "Amazing Grace".

“I have seen too much tragedy in the LGBTQ community to let a man in cargo pants tell me I am the embodiment of sin," said Brice. “I am a gay bagpiper and I’m proud."

Noting that it's her last year at university, she said that she wanted to do things that made her feel "brave".

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“After years of dealing with the homophobic comments aimed at me by the preacher, I felt I needed to stand up against these false prophets spewing bigotry," she said, adding: “I have fought hard for my rights.”

After the show was over, Brice called her girlfriend over “and gave her a big kiss right in front of the preacher and group of people watching,” she says.

Now that the evil has been defeated, I guess we can all just celebrate good times.