• A Ugandan wears a mask at Pride. Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda, and punishable by long-term imprisonment or the death penalty for "repeat offenders". (AFP / Getty Images / Isaac Kasamani / Stringer)Source: AFP / Getty Images / Isaac Kasamani / Stringer
The girl was reported by a "concerned neighbour", who alleges they've seen her "lure" her friends to a nearby farm to teach them how to become romantically involved.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

5 Sep 2016 - 3:48 PM  UPDATED 5 Sep 2016 - 3:48 PM

An 8-year-old girl in Uganda could be sentenced to prison after being arrested for "lesbianism".

The girl, whose name cannot be revealed due to her age, was apprehended by the Jinja Police Child Family Protection Unit and is now in police custody after seeking "romantic relationships" with other girls her age, reports All Africa.

In Uganda, male and female homosexuality is illegal, with penalties ranging from long-term imprisonment to the death penalty for "repeat offenders".

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According to the Child Family Protection Unit's Catherine Wobuyaga, the girl told police she had been involved with her classmates "in school toilets and other isolated places near her home".

All Africa reports that the girl was reported to police by a "concerned neighbour", who alleges that they saw the girl "repeatedly luring her friends to a nearby farm where she reportedly teaches them how to romantically get involved".

Police are now investigating whether the girl was "trained... and instructed" to pass on the knowledge to her friends, and have warned parents to keep an eye out for adults and children alike trying to lure children into "illicit relationships".

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