• Luca de Sario and Francisco Raffaele Villarusso. (YouTube / Euronews)Source: YouTube / Euronews
The couple had moved to Spain with plans to wed, but returned to Italy as soon as the bill was passed.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

21 Sep 2016 - 4:06 PM  UPDATED 21 Sep 2016 - 4:09 PM

The centre of the Roman Catholic church has just seen the first legal same-sex civil union, with Luca de Sario and Francisco Raffaele Villarusso exchanging their "I dos" in front of Mayor Virginia Raggi.

The union - which took place last weekend - is the first to take place after a law legalising same-sex unions was passed three months ago.

Italy approves gay civil unions
Italy has approved same-sex civil unions and given new rights to unmarried couples but conservative parties in the Catholic country will fight the laws.

The newlyweds had previously relocated to Spain with plans to wed, as Italy was the last member of the European Union to legalise same-sex unions, but when the law passed, the couple returned to their home country.

“We had already decided do it and we moved abroad, but when the bill was approved we packed up all our things and came back to Italy,” Villarusso told EuroNews.

Italy has made it easier for gay couples to adopt each other’s children
But it's not an automatic right for a same-sex partners to adopt each other's children - decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

While this is a step forward for the Italian LGBTQIA+ community, the Civil Unions Bill was only passed after they removed adoption rights for queer couples, following opposition from the Catholic church.

But that's another frontier. For now, we can enjoy this adorable video of the happy couple celebrating: