Nope, still not a ~phase~. It's Bisexual Awareness Week, and to celebrate we've got 18 of the funniest, most relatable, and stigma-busting tweets out there.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

23 Sep 2016 - 4:11 PM  UPDATED 23 Sep 2016 - 4:11 PM

1. When you were all about the hot people.

2. When all the percentages count.

3. And all the pie charts count.

4. When being attracted to all genders still meant being single AF.

5. When bisexual and hypersexual still weren't synonyms.

6. When you related to this kitchen door...

7. ...But didn't relate to the moon.

8. When, yep, you were still bi.

9. When you didn't need to ~pick a side~.

10. When you didn't know how to "act bi".

11. When you pondered life's important questions.

12. When you made everyone uncomfortable just by existing.

13. When, okay, the B kiiiiind of stood for bad-ass.

14. When you had to convince people that yes, you actually did exist in the actual world.

15. This.

16. This.

17. This.

18. And this.

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