Who'da thunk it?
Stephanie Marie Anderson

10 Oct 2016 - 2:20 PM  UPDATED 10 Oct 2016 - 2:20 PM

Last month, former nuns Federica, 44, and Isabel, 40, formally ditched the Vatican and the Catholic Church, renouncing their vows in order to get married after a law was passed in Italy allowing same-sex couples to wed.

They had belonged to the Franciscan order, which follows the disciplines of Saint Francis of Assisi, but were forced to give up their positions after falling in love on a three-year missionary trip in West Africa.

The Pope reckons Mexico's doing a great job at "protecting the family" by protesting same-sex marriage
Pope Francis said that he is "very happy" to associate himself with the Bishops of Mexico in their protest against marriage equality.

The couple said: “There are many such cases where priests or nuns hide their relationships with men or women. We felt alone, more than that, we felt abandoned.”

Turns out, the Pope doesn't love the idea of lesbian nuns in love!

I know, shocking, isn't it.

Deputy Secretary of State Archbishop Angelo Becciu tweeted about the Pope's response to the news of the newlywed nuns, saying: “How much sadness on the pope’s face when I read him the news of the two married ‘nuns’!”


So, there you have it. Turns out the Pope - leader of a religion that still teaches that homosexuality is a sin and a disorder, who just recently praised Mexico for its attempts to "protect the family" from marriage equality - isn't heaps keen on the idea of two nuns ditching the religion in order to live happily ever after.