"How very wonderful".
Stephanie Marie Anderson

10 Nov 2016 - 1:17 PM  UPDATED 10 Nov 2016 - 1:17 PM

Tumblr, origin of The Dress that broke the internet and approximately one gazillion Supernatural fan blogs, has come through with the goods today, warming all of our hearts with the purest post of all time.

An Amazon review for a pair of rainbow suspenders is currently blowing up the social media platform, garnering nearly 40,000 notes for being "honestly just so pure", as the original poster, fangirlingoverdemigods, put it.

"Yes, this will be my 46th march in gay pride," wrote Amazon user blueyes, who was 70 when he posted his review back in 2012. 

The review titled Gay Pride suspenders are great continued: "I have never worn rainbow colored items, but this year... I decided to purchase some rainbow suspenders and wear them with a white suit, and purple brooks brothers shirt".

"I could not ask for a better made paid, it seems everytime [sic] I need something, Amazon finds it for me and makes it easy for me to purchase," he said.

"How very wonderful," he concluded, rating the item five stars.

Honestly, people are just happy to have something nice to focus on.

"OMG my heart," wrote one Tumblr user.

"I hope he’s having a good day wherever he is," wrote another, adding: "I hope that march was the best one he’s ever been in."

Countless others have simply repeated blueyes' sentiment, writing "how very wonderful". And it is.