Sleigh me, queen of festivities.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

5 Dec 2016 - 4:09 PM  UPDATED 5 Dec 2016 - 4:09 PM

A woman in America has perfected the art of the festive clapback, trolling her homophobic neighbour with 10,000 multicoloured fairy lights.

Mrs Rosey Crotch is a Reddit user who recently left the Mormon church, only to find herself a hot topic around the 'hood.

Fed up with being the focus of community gossip, Mrs Rosey Crotch found herself at her wit's end when one of her neighbours refused to take a hint.

“She came bouncing over and when my husband told her we no longer attended [the Church], she didn’t get the message," she wrote.

Depicting her neighbour as a sort of homophobic version of Gladys Kravitz - the nosey neighbour from Bewitched' - she continued: “Anyway, thinking that we were allies, she went on to tell us how horrified she was when her son got turned down for prom because the girl was already planning on going with her girlfriend.”

Homphobic Gladys Kravitz then went on to tell our Reddit user Mrs Rosey Crotch all about how she was just aghast that the local school was educating its students about transgender issues.

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"She said that she had to move away because she was so sick of the gays and transgenders and everyone making their ‘lifestyle’ okay.”

Mrs Rosey Crotch went on to write that she knew that "telling her my opinion... wouldn’t make a difference", so she decided to get her rainbow revenge with "passive aggression".

She captioned the photo on Reddit: "Our new neighbours are bigots. Since regular aggression leads to assault charges, I went with passive aggression. 10,000 lights later"

She went on to explain that her formerly-Mormon background gave her a better understanding of her neighbour's bigoted views.

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“Here’s the thing: I was a fully believing Mormon once," she wrote. "I know where she is coming from. If I had yelled at her it would only feed into her persecution complex and false belief that LGBT people and their allies, along with people who have left the Mormon church, are angry bullies who are not tolerant of other people’s views."

She continued: “I hate that whole line of reasoning – but I knew that if she was willing to move her kids to get away from the gays (She moved to Washington. It’s basically North Oregon.) there would be little I could say to her to change her mind. She would have been right though, I am not tolerant of that 'point of view'.

“I wanted to say more to her. I wanted to write her a letter telling her how sad I was that she would feel this way about other humans, especially children. But it wouldn’t have mattered.

“It wasn’t just a passive aggressive middle finger at my neighbour, I wanted it something more to show my solidarity and belief than just the Human Rights Campaign stickers on our cars,” she wrote.

“I’ve worked in the background to support LGBT causes and have been very vocal on Facebook – but in real life it’s still really hard for me. It’s probably the wimpy way to go, but it’s not nothing.”