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“Sir, I believe you’ve just been outwitted by a child.”
Michaela Morgan

6 Feb 2017 - 1:13 PM  UPDATED 6 Feb 2017 - 1:13 PM

A 7-year-old in the UK put a homophobe in his place after he called the child a ‘f****t’ at a supermarket.

The boy’s father writes that he was shopping with his son, buying dress-ups including a wand, tiara and jewellery as a birthday gift for a girl in his class.

“We join a queue and have waited a couple of minutes when my son puts the tiara on and waves the wand, ”wrote the father online.

He says his son surveyed the line they were in and said in a posh voice: “I’m the Queen and I say this line should move faster!”

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Most of the people waiting in line appreciated the kid’s obvious comic genius and smiled. But one man decided that channelling Queen Elizabeth II’s sassiness was not welcome in the supermarket.

“You can’t let your son do that. If he turns into a f****t it’ll be your fault.”

As shoppers looked at the man in horror, the son asked his father what the hateful word meant.

“It’s a nasty word that only nasty people use so you mustn’t say it.”

The man doubled down and added, “It means you’re bad and going to hell for being evil.”

The father then explained that it was “When a man loves a man and a lady loves a lady,” just like his Uncle James and Uncle Ian - who work as a paediatric oncologist and paediatric nurse, respectively.

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As the store manager and security arrived, the child looked the homophobe directly in the eye.

“My uncles make children better when they have poorly blood and poorly bones. If you make them go to hell that means you want the children to be poorly,” the boy said.

“Do you want the children to be poorly? Do you want them to be sick and have to go to heaven?”

The manager then stepped in and said, “Sir, I believe you’ve just been outwitted by a child.

“You should leave now and keep your disgusting views to yourself and out of my shop.”

Someone make that kid Prime Minister.