The video offers advice to "repentant homosexuals".
Michaela Morgan

16 Feb 2017 - 1:12 PM  UPDATED 16 Feb 2017 - 1:13 PM

Malaysia’s Islamic Development Department (Jakim) has released an instructional video that openly promotes gay conversion.

The video says—in the Malay language—that homosexuality is similar to horse riding, saying that people of “different” orientations can change with extensive training and guidance, according to the Malay Mail Online

“The fact is, there are those among Muslims that have non-heterosexual orientation but remain steadfast on the path of Islam,” the voiceover says.  

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“For them, this is a test of Allah, and they choose to face the test appropriate with what Islam demands.”

The video gives advice for “repentant homosexuals” urging them to leave activities that could possibly lead to same-sex relations and confusingly suggests getting married as a way to fulfill sexual desires.

The video has attracted mixed reviews on Facebook after social activist Syed Amzi Alhabshi shared the clip on his page.

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“No sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression constitutes a disorder, disease or shortcoming of any sort.”

One commenter wrote: “Color me surprised with rainbow colors. JAKIM actually came out with a video that is non-hateful of the LGBT community… This is far better than saying they're sinners, they're going to Hell.”

Another said: “Calling for reparative therapy is not exactly good intentions, let alone genuine respect that LGBTQI people should live their lives the way they want it to be. Stop being apologetic towards Jakim & demand them to stop controlling people in the name of religion.”

LGBT rights continue to be largely unrecognised in Malaysia with same-sex acts banned under colonial-era laws.