• Michelle Meyers posted on Facebook about same-sex marriage activists using "disingenuous mind control programs". (Facebook)Source: Facebook
Michelle Meyers says the program was developed by "Norwegian homosexuals who graduated from Harvard".
Michaela Morgan

15 Feb 2017 - 11:58 AM  UPDATED 15 Feb 2017 - 11:59 AM

One Nation’s candidate for the seat of Bateman in WA, Michelle Meyers, says the LGBT+ community is using a “disingenuous mind control program” to sway opinion on same-sex marriage.

In a Facebook post written in November 2016, Meyers goes on to explain that the strategies were developed first by the Soviets and used by the Nazis, then taken up by two “Norwegian homosexuals who graduated from Harvard”.

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“Are you wondering why even some Christians are being swayed by the gender industry’s pitch and push 4 same sex ‘marriage’ and acceptance of fake families?” the post reads.

Meyers goes on to urge Christians to “wake up” and "stop being duped" by the "gender industry". 

The post then linked to a blog entitled 'Why have so many Christians and Churches become pro-gay?'

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2016, truly the year of realising things.

Meyers was originally announced as One Nation's candidate for Southern River MLA but will now take on former WA Transport Minister Dean Nalder in the seat of Bateman. 

It appears as though Meyers has since taken down the post from her personal Facebook page.