• Pastor Franklin Graham preached to millions at the Trump inauguration. (Facebook)Source: Facebook
Grace Slick has been donating her Chick-fil-A royalties to Lambda Legal.
Michaela Morgan

28 Feb 2017 - 12:11 PM  UPDATED 28 Feb 2017 - 12:11 PM

Donald Trump’s inauguration pastor has criticised Jefferson Airplane and Starship singer Grace Slick for donating money to an LGBT+ legal service.

Slick has been using royalties from the notoriously homophobic fast food chain—Chick-fil-A— and donating the funds directly to Lambda, the oldest and largest legal organisation in the US dedicated to LGBT+ rights.

The musician donating her Chick-fil-A royalties to LGBT+ charities
Instead of rejecting payments from the notoriously anti-gay fast-food chain, Grace Slick is using them for good.

Franklin Graham—the head of Christian charity Samaritan’s Purse—preached to millions at President Trump’s inauguration and has a history of attacking LGBT+ activists and inclusive churches.

Graham has taken to Facebook to lambast Slick saying: “She certainly has the right to do that, it’s her money, she earned it [but] what I want Grace and others to know is that Almighty God created and defined marriage in His Word.

“Any sexual relationship outside of marriage between a man and a woman is sin, and all sin carries a death sentence.”

“Grace, it’s my hope and prayer that you will put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ because He loves you very much.”

Graham has previously said on Facebook that LGBT activists are “trying to cram down America’s throat the lie that homosexuality is okay” and that donating to Planned Parenthood was akin to funding Nazi death camps.

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He also praised Vladimir Putin in 2015 in an interview with Russian newspaper, Moskoviskij Komsomolets.

“I very much appreciate that President Putin is protecting Russian young people against homosexual propaganda. If only to give them the opportunity to grow up and make a decision for themselves.”

Grace Slick said she decided to accept Chick-fil-A's request to use Starship's hit song 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' in one of their advertisements to use the money for good.

“I firmly believe that men should be able to marry men, and women women. I am passionately against anyone who would try to suppress this basic human right."