• Paula Goodgame was told same-sex couples were not allowed to attend the school prom. (Twitter)Source: Twitter
Paula Goodgame found out she couldn't bring her girlfriend as her date just a week before the prom.
Michaela Morgan

31 Mar 2017 - 4:31 PM  UPDATED 31 Mar 2017 - 4:31 PM

A teenager in Florida has shared an email from her school counsellor telling her that she will not be allowed to bring her girlfriend Anjali Persad to her prom.

The email was sent to Paula Goodgame just a week before the prom was to take place and reads: “Students are not allowed to bring people of the same sexes (sic) their date. However, if you could have one of your male friends ask her as his date that would probably work. If you have any other questions about what is allowed, let me know :)”

Goodgame’s post has gone viral, with Twitter users sending their support, appalled by the school’s policy and at the counsellor’s audacity—ending the brutal email with a smiley face. 

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Twitter users have been sending emails and making phone calls to the school, urging the administration to allow Goodgame to bring Persad to the prom.

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"I really love all the love and support we've received since the tweet blew up, It's been really amazing watching the LGBT community stick up for each other," Persad told BuzzFeed

"I hope that all other LGBT students in our situation can find courage to stand up for themselves and for others so we can find equality for all."  

Goodgame is attending Persad's prom this weekend but says she's not sure if she'll go to her own. 

"If she can't go to my prom, then that prom is not worth going to," said Goodgame. 

"You're supposed to have that whole 'magical' night with someone special, ya know? It wouldn't be worth it without her."