The American Family Association is mad about the retailer’s new LGBT+ Pride merchandise.
Michaela Morgan

12 May 2017 - 12:22 PM  UPDATED 12 May 2017 - 12:22 PM

The American Family Association (AFA) began its war with Target in 2016 after the retail giant announced a transgender inclusive policy for its bathrooms and change rooms. 

The AFA called on its followers to #BoycottTarget until the chain reversed its decision, saying that they had “concerns about safety and privacy”.

The group has been further angered by Target’s relaunch of the #TakePride clothing range—a selection of rainbow apparel and accessories first released in 2015 that celebrates diversity, Pink News reports. 

“Target appears content with its sprint into self-destruction,” the AFA says in a statement.

“Target [has an] all out love affair with the LGBTQ.

"For the past two years, Target stores have entire sections dedicated to products normalising homosexuality.

“In many instances, profits from the sale of the products are donated to gay advocacy groups for the promotion of the lifestyle to children in public schools.

“While AFA’s boycott [has] focused on Target’s bizarre and dangerous dressing room and bathroom policy, the company has a history of distaste for traditional family values.

“Pray that Target‘s leadership will realise it gravely misjudged the 1.5 million families who have signed a pledge to boycott its stores,” the statement reads.

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One supporter of the group wrote to Target on Twitter saying: “I saw on FB where you're dbling down on LGBT rainbow pride. Hope this isn't true. Rainbow is symbol of God's promise not perversion.”

The Family Research Council has similarly taken offence to the colourful clothing.

“If the Target corporation is imploding, then it’s going down in a rainbow blaze of glory,” the group said.

“Despite taking a year-long beating on Wall Street, the stubborn LGBT ally is clinging to the radical agenda that earned it the scorn of almost 1.5 million consumers.”

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However, many Twitter users expressed their support of Target and thanked the retailer for continuing to celebrate the LGBT+ community.

“Thanks Target for standing with your ‪#LGBT families and friends,” wrote @Audeeryz.

“Just love the ‪@Target ‪#takepride merchandise! Not even from the USA and I totally support them for their inclusion of the ‪#LGBT community!” said @Muret_vdColff.