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“Unchechen” is a new film released on Vimeo that depicts real story of the entrapment of a gay man during the Chechen crackdown on homosexuality in the semi-autonomous Russian republic.
Sam Carroll

11 May 2017 - 4:04 PM  UPDATED 11 May 2017 - 4:05 PM

Created by Manchester-based production company digitalSTAGE, the video - written and directed by Stephen M Hornby - depicts a story based on accounts of men who have escaped from the republic.

Featuring two male actors, one aged in his mid-20s, the other in his 50s, both characters tell stories about the capture of a gay man after he is tricked into visiting a café to meet a man he's led to believe is also gay.

The younger male, Dean Gregory, plays the unnamed gay character, while Martin Green plays the role of a similarly unidentified older homophobic character who organised the act of entrapment.

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Gregory's character describes how, while suspicious about the meeting, the type of black humour used in the LGBTIQ community in Chechnya led him into thinking he wasn’t being led on.

"I knew to be suspicious but there’s a kind of black humour we use when we know you’re one of us and he got that," the young man says.

"He asked me three times, I agreed to meet him at a local café. I was waiting absorbed in my own nervousness."

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The story continues with the meet being revealed as a trap by conservative members of the Chechen community who are opposed to homosexuality, with Green's older character smugly describing the dire situation for those who fail to conform.

"There are only three things that can happen to such a person in Chechnya: they can leave, they can kill themselves or they can be killed – they are Unchechen, unpeople."

The video makers also share a link to the Rainbow Railroad charity who have been helping those facing persecution for their sexuality escape the state.

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