• Only finding Valentine's cards for The Straights? Take a look at this queer options. (Etsy)Source: Etsy
If you're only finding Valentine's Day cards exclusively plastered with straight couples, here are some options that are queer as all heck.
Chloe Sargeant

9 Feb 2018 - 8:59 AM  UPDATED 9 Feb 2018 - 8:59 AM

Bless, it's February 14 soon! Some love it, some hate it - but regardless, Valentine's Day can cause a pretty specific problem when you're queer: the card.

Namely, trying to find a single damn Valentine's card that isn't heteronormative, and actually represents the relationship between you and your same-sex partner. Or a partner who is transgender. Or non-binary. Or asexual! Honestly, it's a nightmare. 

So, to prepare you for The Big Day™, we've rounded up some of our favourite queer V-Day cards, for every letter of the acronym and every colour of the rainbow. 


This Janis Ian card is appropriate at all times, but especially if your girl is a Mean Girls fan. But I mean, even if she isn't, the card is just factual... you do have, a big, fat, lesbian crush on her. Facts are facts.

Find it here

I don't mean to be reductive, but if you're a gay woman, chances are you've watched The L Word. Chances are your girlfriend has too. You probably watched it together. And you might've even figured out the who's who in your real-life friendship group ("Oh my god, Jess is 100% the Shane of our group."). And screamed when they made The Chart. Perhaps you even just laughed because you've done all of the above, and I've called you out... Literally, you should probably just buy the card.

Get it here


Look, you know how it goes. You're at a family barbeque with the fella you've fallen pretty hard for, and your grandma pipes up: "So, how did you two meet?" Nan should probably be spared the details about that first night you met, so you both earnestly reply "oh, just through a friend". But that 'friend' is GRINDR. Be proud, honestly - finding love through Grindr is TOUGH. AS. HELL. So you guys did great. Embrace it. 

Get it here

Simple is good, so this card that just says 'you make me happy' and features an illustration of two dashing fellas holding hands is as simplistic and loving as you get. Warms the cockles of my big queer heart, honestly.

You can find that one here


If your sweetheart is bisexual, you have the opportunity to choose from a range of cards for gay couples or straight couples, depending on how your own relationship looks. But if you're keen to tone the gender messaging down (or erase it completely), this adorable 'Love is Love' card, featuring the colours of the purple, pink and blue bi flag, is an adorable choice for your bi partner. 

Get it here.

What's that? Your partner is a babin' bisexual with a penchant for puns? Then HOOLY DOOLEY, have I found the card for you. Thank me later.

You can bi it here. (Okay, yes, I'll stop with the bi puns now.)


Look at these bloody adorable lovebirds! Those cuties love each other very much, and are perched on a transgender flag to help you chirp your love to your trans sweetheart. Precious.

Get it here

If your sweetie pie is in the middle of transitioning, it's worth reminding them every step of the way that your love for them won't be a-changin'. On February 14th, you can do that with this ever-so-lovely V-Day card. 

Find it here


Sure, it's bordering on Love Actually levels of cheesy, but what is Valentine's Day even for if not supreme cheesiness? This lovely card, emblazoned with the colours of the intersex flag, will remind your love that to you, they are absolutely perfect.

Get it here.


Look at this adorable fox! They think you're ace - and the pun was definitely intended. Gender-neutral too, so can be given to women, men, or gender non-conforming partners! 

You can find it here.

Spooning is the best, really, and it's an activity sexual AND asexual couples partake in. So, if your honey is ace, this card will let you remind them that they're the only one you wanna spoon. You'll even be the outer spoon and deal with the Awkward Arm That Doesn't Sit Comfortably Anywhere™ - that's how dang much you love them. 

You can get it here.


Perhaps your partner eschews all sexuality and gender labels and identifies simply as 'genderqueer'. Or perhaps they are currently at a stage of transitioning where they're reconsidering their pronouns and self-identification - whatever the situation, this is a very adorable card to give to a gender non-conforming bae. Remind the cutie that labels be damned, you love them for them and always will. 

You can purchase this one here.


Regardless of all gender identity and sexuality, one of the best things about having a significant other is sharing a bed and spooning and sleeping in together on weekends and keeping each other warm under the blankets in winter and... y'know... other things. So, let your love know that they're the one you wanna spend bedtime with, and you bloody well love it. 

Get it here.

In the immortal words of RuPaul: "We get to choose our family". So, we reckon Valentine's Day is an excellent day to remind the love of your life that they are the family you've chosen.

You can buy this one here.

It was mere months ago that Australia finally made same-sex marriage legal, and the tagline for the campaign was the simple — yet effective — 'Love is love'. So, this delightfully simple card will not only remind your partner that you love them an enormous amount, but it will also signify the importance of the historical fight for equality you were both a part of, and helped win. 

Get it here


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