• Australian trans man Sol Hall is determined to amplify the voices of trans people after his chest surgery reveal video went viral on social media. (Twitter, Supplied)Source: Twitter, Supplied
"Seeing the effect that my viral video had on people has really inspired me to be the best influence that I can be."
Samuel Leighton-Dore

24 Feb 2020 - 1:36 PM  UPDATED 24 Feb 2020 - 1:36 PM

Australian trans man Sol Hall, 22, is determined to amplify the voices of other trans and gender diverse people after his chest surgery reveal video went viral on social media.

Hall, who lives in Victoria, shared the intimate video on Twitter last week and, 11 million views later, was left "overwhelmed" by the response.

"I’d like to share my very personal chest reveal moment with the world, to hopefully show that despite the endless negative experiences we trans people have, we also get to experience some of the best feelings in the world," he tweeted alongside the emotional clip.

Speaking to SBS Pride, Hall said that while he didn't expect such a strong community reaction to the clip, he felt bolstered by it.

"My initial intention was to just share a positive trans experience with my followers," he reflected.

"Before I started my own transition, seeing top surgery chest reveals, specifically Chella Man’s, inspired me to begin exploring my own gender because they resonated with me so much. I hoped to have a similar positive impact on my trans following, while also highlighting the happiness and humanity of trans people to my cis followers."

The young man also spoke about the strong sense of belonging he's found on social media, particularly on Twitter.

"Since starting my transition, I’ve found such a wonderful community on Twitter. I cannot express just how important all of my friends and followers have been in my transition."

He continued: "They’ve been so accepting and I’ve learnt a lot about gender, pronouns, minorities and so many other aspects of identity. Because of this, I have a much more open mind and I’ve been able to know myself on a level that I didn’t know was possible"

While the support of his followers on social media has been vital, so too has the love and encouragement of Hall's family and friends.

"I’m so lucky to have some of the most accepting, caring and supportive women in my life," Hall told SBS Pride.

"My mum, sister, and girlfriend have been the best allies that I could ask for; I wouldn’t be here today without them. They’ve helped me every step of the way, from coming out, to changing my name, to pursuing surgery.

"I also have some amazing friends who have let me open up to them even though they don’t know exactly what I’m going through."

When it comes to the future, Hall said he's focused on doing what he can do to help the trans community.

"Seeing the effect that my viral video had on people has really inspired me to be the best influence that I can be.

"I want to keep boosting trans voices using the privilege that i have, including black trans people, disabled trans people and all trans artists."

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