It's been a big year in television for LGBT representation. We've assembled our favourite LGBT characters for 2015.
17 Dec 2015 - 8:36 AM  UPDATED 17 Dec 2015 - 8:40 AM

Annalise Keating – How To Get Away With Murder
As if we didn’t need another reason to love Annalise Keating, she came along and threw her bisexuality on the table, just to make sure that we all knew she was the truest queen there ever was.

Will Drake – American Horror Story: Hotel
It’s a bit sad that he is low-key (under the mind control of a vampire), but he’s so hot, and a cute dad as well.

Connor Walsh – How To Get Away With Murder
Yes. Yes. Yes. This guy is smart, sexy, funny, and an amazing boyfriend… Can we all get one?

Oliver Hampton – How To Get Away With Murder
Oliver is the human equivalent of a marshmallow, and we ate him up all year.

Kate McKinnon – Saturday Night Live  She doesn’t 100 per cent count as a character, but McKinnon has come into her own on Saturday Night Live this year, taking the lead and creating some of the best characters and impressions the show has ever seen.

Suzanne Warren – Orange Is The New Black
We will never not have love for 'Crazy Eyes'. She’s just out to make everyone happy and doing her best to find love.

Stef and Lena Foster – The Fosters
These women have been through A LOT in 2015, but they’re still going strong, and honestly, they are #relationshipgoals to the max.

Cosima Niehaus – Orphan Black
Cosima is arguably everyone's favourite on Orphan Black, and rightly so. The talented scientist is probably the only clone keeping everyone together at this point.

Maura Pfefferman – Transparent
Maura’s coming out isn’t a big deal anymore. In 2015, the Pfefferman family has a lot more to deal with. It’s still awesome to see a trans woman being presented on screen and watching her late-in-life journey of discovery continue.

Sophia Burset – Orange Is The New Black
Still the main reason anyone watches OITNB, Sophia is an incredible character played by an incredible actress and, at this point, we're ready for a Sophia spin-off.

Nate Kulina – Kingdom
Nick Jonas has played a couple of gay characters this year, but Nate is the most important. Still closeted and dealing with his sexuality, we are excited (and concerned) for what will happen next year.