It was a massive year for the LGBTI community. Here are the 2015 tweets that sum up the groundbreaking year.
Patrick Campbell

22 Dec 2015 - 11:01 AM  UPDATED 22 Dec 2015 - 11:08 AM

Undoubtedly the biggest advancement in gay rights all year was the US Supreme Court's decision to legalise same-sex marriage across the nation.

Everyone was pretty stoked.

Even dead people.

This image of an Irish pastor reacting to two women kissing in front of him made everyone laugh.

And this mural erected before Ireland's successful gay marriage referendum made everyone cry.

Reid Ewing from Modern Family came out.

And then told someone he was never in.

Kim Davis was basic.

Caitlyn Jenner announced herself to the world.

 And brought the trans community together, sparking new conversations. 

But struggled with the responsibility of being a transgender representative.

Casey Conway came out.

A lot of Australians got upset over a film, but the film wasn’t too bothered.

And Barack Obama became the first US president to appear on the cover of an LGBT publication.

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