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Humans aren't the only species known to have same-sex relationships. Here are seven other queer creatures in the animal kingdom.
Patrick Campbell

8 Jan 2016 - 9:48 AM  UPDATED 8 Jan 2016 - 9:48 AM

1 – Snails

Many species of snail are hermaphroditic. This is to ensure survival of the species and means that no matter how they are separated, within a partnership they will always be able to breed. They may not always technically be in same-sex relationships, but they don't discriminate based on gender.

2 – Penguins

In 1998, staff in Central Park Zoo noted a same-sex male pair of chinstrap penguins. Roy and Silo were performing mating rituals together which inspired the staff to give them an egg from another pair that couldn’t hatch it.

The couple ended up raising Tango, who then also formed a same-sex relationship with another female penguin. Roy and Silo inspired the practice of giving eggs to same-sex pairings around the world.


3 – Koalas

Female koalas have been known to reject male lovers and indulge in same-sex love in groups of up to five at a time. This has been noted with captive koalas, no evidence of this practice has been found in the wild.

4 – Flamingos

No surprise that one of the most glamourous animals is known to exhibit same-sex behaviour. This includes sex, migration and raising young together. This is most commonly noted in Chilean flamingos.

5 – Dolphins

It’s been confirmed that male dolphins are bisexual, but can also engage in long periods of exclusive homosexuality. These relationships are often used to make finding a female partner easier during mating season, but have also been noted to remove the need for a female partner in the male’s life.

 6 – Elephants

Same-sex relationships have been noted with both genders of elephant. In the wild and captivity, male elephants mount each other and have been known to stimulate each other through play-fighting. Female same-sex relationships have only been observed in captivity, where they can be known to pleasure each other with their trunks and provide emotional support for one another.

7 – Black Swans

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis aren't the only black swans who've dabbled in same-sex activity. As many as one quarter of black swan pairings are thought to be homosexual males - many of which steal nests. Some even form temporary threesomes with females before driving them away once they lays her eggs.

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