Television has played host to some of the most incredible - and mind-numbing - displays when it comes to conversations about gay and trans people. Here are 11 stand-out LGBTI fails.
Patrick Campbell

19 Jan 2016 - 9:09 AM  UPDATED 19 Jan 2016 - 10:20 AM

1 - Sam Newman calling two men kissing an “annoyingly gratuitous act”

Newman really didn’t like seeing a football player kissing his boyfriend in 2014. He told The Footy Show panel that NFL player Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on television during the NFL draft was "an annoyingly gratuitous act" and "no heterosexuals do that when they're drafted".

2 - Bob Katter vs Josh Thomas on Q&A

This was an incredible moment on Australian television. Comedian Josh Thomas took Bob Katter to task in 2014 over his previous comments regarding homosexuality. The face of the woman who asked the original question is priceless.

3 - Ron Wilson apologises for Mardi Gras comments

The former Ten news anchor apologised after he made comments during a 2011 interview with then Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras co-chair Peter Urmson implying that the parade was "disgusting".

4 - The Family Feud contestant who didn't like Ellen DeGeneres

Things seemed to be going well on an American episode of Family Feud, but one answer left the lesbian talkshow host lost for words.

5 - Jason Akermanis grilled by Karl Stefanovic

When Akermanis said that football players were not ready for gay players to come out in 2011, Stefanovic was having none of it.

6 - Ben Carson calling homosexuality "a choice"

The Republican presidential hopeful was discussing same-sex marriage in an interview with CNN last year when he let it drop that he believed homosexuality was a choice, pointing to same-sex activity in prisons as proof.

7 - David Cameron's Gay Times interview

In the lead-up to the 2010 UK election, Prime Minister David Cameron struggled to explain his policy on free votes regarding gay rights in an interview with the Gay Times. At one point he apologises and confirms that his previous statement was wrong, and then asks to start the interview again.

8 - Julia Gillard tells a father his gay son "doesn't need a marriage certificate"

Geoff Thomas delivered an emotional question to then Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Q&A in 2012 about where she stands on same-sex marriage. Gillard suggested Thomas' gay son didn't need marriage to prove his love for a same-sex partner. She also said that she wouldn’t direct her Labor colleagues to vote in favour of same-sex marriage.

9 - Pretty Little Liars trans debacle

In 2015, the US teen drama faced a backlash after its controversial choice to portray the show’s murderous stalker as a trans woman. Viewers were offended by the idea that it implied trans people are mentally ill and dangerous.

10 - Canadian school official in hot water over gay/transgender tweets

In more than eight minutes of excruciating television, Toronto school trustee Sam Sotiropoulos is questioned by a Global News reporter about a series of tweets concerning the gay and transgender community. At one point, the reporter asks about Sotiropoulos' tweet calling a gay pride parade a "freak show", which he simply refuses to admit he authored.


11- Tyra Banks shuts down homophobic contestant

Top Model contestant Denzel started questioning whether a fellow 2014 contestant, Will, should win because of his sexuality and how he expresses himself. Highlights include the quotes “If you’re going to be gay, be a man about it,” and “It’s almost like talking to a girlfriend”. Tyra Banks doesn't let Denzel try to deny his homophobia and gives him a reality check about the modelling industry.