Australia's Troye Sivan has won hearts all over the world. But tomorrow he'll be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. So here are 11 reasons why they're going to love him!
Shami Sivasubramanian

28 Jan 2016 - 2:58 PM  UPDATED 28 Jan 2016 - 3:06 PM

1. He's goddamn adorable.

Look at those cherubic cheeks and bright blue eyes.  How could people not love that face?


2. He's an LGBTI youth icon.

When Troye came out on YouTube in 2013, he gave several other young people the strength to do the same. Today, he continues to support LGBTI causes through his vlogging and music.


3. He has some excellent pipes.

We're all suckers for a good singer, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show's audience is no different.



4. His lyrics are meaningful and poignant.

(Troye Sivan VEVO / YouTube)

"Like a rock I float
Sweat and conversations seep into my bones
Four walls are not enough
I'll take a dip into the unknown, unknown." - Happy Little Pill

Sigh. How beautiful.


5. His music videos are about the issues.

In his three part 'Blue Neighbourhood' music videos, Troye tells the story of a young gay boy who struggles to be accepted by his family. The touching series has nearly 29 million views on YouTube.


6. He's Australian.

(Troye Sivan / YouTube)

Ellen DeGeneres loves Australians! She even married one, Portia De Rossi.


7. Taylor Swift loves him.

When Taylor Swift gives you the kiss of popularity, you know you've arrived.


8. He's YouTube royalty.

Troye started his career out as a small-time YouTube singer at age 12.  Since then, he's morphed into a successful mainstream artist.


9. He's not above making fun of himself.

Here he is with Cara Delevingne and some hilariously drawn on eyebrows. So silly!


10. His selfie game is strong.

In fact, Troye's owning Instagram with his 3.3 million followers and counting.


11. And he's just an all-round good guy.

(YouTube / Troye Sivan)

On ya Troye! You're gonna kill it on Ellen tomorrow!

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