Singer Troye Sivan, who is currently on tour in the States for his Blue Neighbourhood album, read a note from a fan asking him to come out on her behalf.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

9 Mar 2016 - 12:08 PM  UPDATED 9 Mar 2016 - 2:40 PM

Aussie singer and YouTube sensation Troye Sivan is currently taking America by storm on his Blue Neighbourhood tour. Performing last night in Washington D.C., a fan in the front row, named Kelly, threw a note onstage.

The note asked Troye to come out as bisexual on Kelly's behalf to the audience, which included Kelly's mother.

"Are you sure?" Troye asked, reading the note. After receiving the go-ahead, Troye read the note.

"If you are reading this, can you announce that Kelly is bisexual, please?" before running to the front of the stage to blow Kelly a kiss.

 BRB, happy tears.


(via Jive Records)

But this story doesn't end here.

Kelly uploaded a second video to her Twitter of her and her mother reuniting after the show, and it's probably the most heartwarming thing you'll see this week.

The lovefest has continued online, as Kelly has gained more than 1,000 followers since the video went up, and her notifications have been filled with love and support.

And she even inspired another girl to come out at the show.

Replying to the video, a girl named Julia tweeted Kelly, "when I heard this last night it inspired me to come out to to my best friend in front of Troye after the show," to which Kelly replied, "OMGGG THIS. TWEET. I'm crying."

Basically, everything about this is wonderful. Congratulations, Kelly (and Julia!)