• In excess of $20,000 has been raised to help two gay New Zealand fathers and their "triplings" who are stranded in Mexico (Give A Little)Source: Give A Little
Married fathers David and Nicky Beard are set to receive a much-need financial boost to help them and their newborn "triplings" fly home to New Zealand.
Bianca Soldani

1 Apr 2016 - 2:25 PM  UPDATED 1 Apr 2016 - 3:05 PM

Hundreds of people have donated to two New Zealand fathers stranded in Mexico after the birth of their three children.

David and Nicky Beard had enlisted the help of a local surrogacy agency to start a family, but after paying medical, hospital and legal bills upfront, found themselves with a significant financial burden after they were allegedly abandoned by their agency contact and forced to front some of the expenses again.

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In addition, one of their “triplings” – three babies from the same egg and sperm donors born to more than one surrogate mother – was in need of costly life-saving treatment after birthing complications.

Left with next to no funds to purchase return airfares or support themselves while organising passports for their newborns, a friend of the couple rallied members of the public to crowdfund their way home.

The project, launched via Give A Little less than a week ago, has already amassed in excess of AU$20,000 thanks to the donations of 600 well-wishers.

Auckland resident Grace Nixon, who started the initiative, explains on their campaign page that David and his husband Nicky “are stranded in this country with little or no finances left and another month or so of bureaucracy to get through.

“They have been getting great support from family and friends but we can only help so much.”

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She adds: “Unfortunately the Agency that was supposed to help them left them stranded on arrival for the births of our babies and they went into hiding with their final payments for the births.

"This meant that they had to pay all the birthing fees again along with the after care for the surrogate mothers.”

Blake, Kelly and Lachlan were born in early March with Lachlan now doing well and reunited with his brother and sister after undergoing 14 days on life support.

The couple believe their children they are the last born to Mexican surrogates after the country recently passed laws to bring their regulations in line with the majority of other nations.