• This eight-year-old transgender girl is crowdfunding her way to buy a transgender house. (Crowd Rise)Source: Crowd Rise
A young transgender girl in the US is hoping to raise $91,000 to transform a Kansas house into a symbol of peace and acceptance for the LGBTI community.
Bianca Soldani

1 Apr 2016 - 9:41 AM  UPDATED 1 Apr 2016 - 9:41 AM

An eight-year-old transgender girl is attempting to spread the equality message via an ambitious crowdfunding campaign.

US-based Avery Jackson is hoping to raise AU$91,000 to buy a weatherboard house in Topeka, Kansas, and paint it in the pink, blue and white colours of the transgender flag. If successful, Avery hopes the house will become a powerful symbol of peace and acceptance for the local transgender community.

Avery appears in a YouTube video promoting the crowdfunding efforts where she explains that she was inspired by her visit to neighbouring Equality House – a rainbow painted property that sits next door to the controversial and openly anti-LGBTI, Westboro Baptist Church.

Once a year, Equality House is repainted in the colours of the transgender flag for a week and, after seeing it in person, Avery was compelled to make the pastels a permanent fixture one house over.

In the brief clip she says: “A year ago we went to this awesome rainbow house which was painted as the transgender colours… it made me feel really happy, I was really excited and it was awesome!”

“I want to buy that house [next door] and paint it the transgender colours, please donate money.”

Avery, who drew the confidence to share photos of herself for the first time after the experience, adds in a quote accompanying the campaign: “I loved the Rainbow House when it was painted like the transgender flag. I felt so happy and proud to be transgender”.

Equality House is a hub for non-profit organisation Planting Peace’s human rights and anti-bullying initiatives.
They are backing Avery’s campaign which has so far raised AU$5,020, which equates to five per cent of their overall target.

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