• Austin and Aaron Rhodes. (YouTube)Source: YouTube
In a new video, the Rhodes brothers reveal how they told each other they were gay.
Drew Sheldrick

28 Apr 2016 - 10:16 AM  UPDATED 28 Apr 2016 - 10:07 AM

Aaron and Austin Rhodes became internet sensations when they filmed themselves coming out to their father and posted the video to YouTube last year. Now the twins have released another video revealing how they came out to each other.

The Rhodes brothers explain that they didn't talk to each other about their sexuality until one of them started dating another boy.

"Growing up we always were more creative; we liked to sing and do plays and all that stuff. We'd always play with barbies - not to stereotype, that's just what we did," Austin explains.

The pair worked together at an American fashion chain Hollister and one Sunday after their shift, Aaron said he decided to tell his brother he was dating someone of the same sex.

“[I said] 'So obviously I’m gay and I’m dating a guy and I want you to know about it,'” Aaron recalls.

“It got kind of awkward and Austin got quiet and he looked at me and he said...”

“...I like guys too!” Austin interjects.

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Aaron says it was one of those moments you never forget.

“It ended up with two gay best friends who just happen to be brothers.”

The Rhodes brothers released their original coming out video to YouTube in 2015. In it, they call their father to reveal they're both gay and capture his reaction.

That video currently has more than 22 million views and saw the twins and their father invited as guests on The Ellen Show.