• Melissa DeStefano and her transgender son feature in a new video raising awareness about trans issues. (YouTube)Source: YouTube
"I told her, don't be scared, don't be concerned. Never. Because I am with you and I love you."
Drew Sheldrick

10 May 2016 - 10:06 AM  UPDATED 10 May 2016 - 10:07 AM

A video featuring the mothers of transgender children is seeking to highlight the consequences of so-called "bathroom laws" in the United States, which seek to ban trans people from using toilets in keeping with their gender identity.

Produced by the Trans United Fund (TUF), an advocacy group committed to engaging trans and gender diverse people in the political process, the video was a response to what it says is an increasingly hostile rhetoric faced by the trans community in the US.

TUF teamed up with Sundance award-winning producer and director Melissa Regan, creator of the trans documentary No Dumb Questions, for the video.

One of the women featured is Zoila Fajardo, who is the mother of trans girl, Ariel. She said the current political climate makes her scared for her daughter.

"I know that greatest danger to her is other people’s ignorance," Fajardo says. "I’ve committed my life to educating others to make this world safer. I expect politicians to take my little girl’s life seriously and to be working to make her safer not in greater danger."

Anti-trans comments from former US presidential hopeful Ted Cruz also feature prominently in the video, with Melissa DeStefano and her trans son discussing their potential effects.

"I love my son more than anything and I just want him to have the same opportunities any other young person has," DeStefano says.

"Before my son came out as trans, I’d never heard about trans issues and I had a lot of questions and that’s okay. We are on this journey together.

"What’s not okay is bullying kids and making a dangerous world even more dangerous for trans folks like my son.”

TUF board chair Hayden Mora said there is nothing is more transformative than trans people and their families sharing their lives authentically

"This ad shares the story of three incredibly loving mothers and their children. The story of a mother's love, dreams and hopes for her children and fierce commitment to protect them is something that all Americans understand," Mora said.

On Monday, the US Department of Justice filed a complaint against North Carolina over its controversial transgender bathroom law. It claims the law violates the US Civil Rights Act.

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