• The new app for LGBTQI people who don't know who to come out to. (Facebook)Source: Facebook
An app aims to make young people feel more confident and safe about their sexuality or gender identity.
Sarah Norton

20 May 2016 - 8:28 AM  UPDATED 20 May 2016 - 8:54 AM

A new app called You’re Accepted is giving LGBTQI people a platform to find out how supportive their friends and family will be about their sexuality.

Both the app and the website provide a place for people to send messages to their loved ones anonymously, asking if they would support someone if they came out.

“Their friends and family members are then given a notification, can read the message and choose to reply with a message of support, which is then moderated by our team,” Minus18 Foundation CEO Micah Scott told SBS.

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“The LGBTI person can then read that message, and either choose to come out to them, or simply find comfort in the fact that they will have someone supportive for when they do come out.”

The project is a joint venture between youth charity group the Minus18 Foundation and creative agency GPY&R.

Scott says one of the most frequent questions they’re asked by LGBTQI people is, “how do I know my friends will accept me if I come out?” So GPY&R came up with an idea to answer that. They worked with Minus18 to make a positive impact on the LGBTQI youth.

“It’s been really exciting to see the impact the platform has made already,” Scott says.

The CEO explains that the platform is important because coming out is a really unique, and sometimes daunting experience for young LGBTQI people.

“When you're in the closet it can often feel like you're the only LGBTQI person, or that there just isn't support around you,” Scott says.

“Coming out can be an amazing experience too, but it's often hard to take that first step when you're not sure how people will react.”

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The first person you tell can often be the hardest, but Minus18 hopes that young people will be surprised by the number of people in their networks who will support them.

“Having just one friend makes a world of difference to an LGBTQI person’s wellbeing,” Scott says.

With the app, both GPY&R and Minus18 are hoping to make young people feel more confident and safe about their sexuality or gender identity.