• Who is Reddit's "closeted" actor? (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
Reddit users attempt to connect the dots in this supposedly well-known actor's anonymous post about being in the closet, hating his fans, and life in Hollywood.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

27 May 2016 - 1:39 PM  UPDATED 27 May 2016 - 1:39 PM

Time to grab your magnifying glasses, because everyone is trying to solve the mystery behind a supposedly closeted Hollywood star who authored an anonymous post on Reddit.

In the post, entitled "I dislike my fans", the anonymous actor says he's a "well-known" star, adding: "A few of my movies are among the top-grossing in history. I started out as a child actor and fortunately have worked ever since."

He goes on to list a series of grievances with Hollywood and its environment, including that he "can't even be open about being gay", that fans ask him for money or think he has money, that fans think he can get them work, and that most famous people are not that interesting - "they're uneducated, they're ignorant, they're paranoid, they're full of themselves," he explains.

The poster says in the comments of the thread that he's in the closet because he doesn't want to "become a 'gay actor' instead of an 'actor'," adding that gay actors get less offers because of the concern that audiences will not believe that they can play a straight character and/or many many people still hate gays and won't see their movies.

He also told commenters that "being in a huge franchise did not do much to help [his] career even though [he] had top-billing," adding "I did some TV on my own dime and lost a ton of money".

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As people responded to the post, the actor revealed that "people know [him] mainly from the franchise that [he] was in but also from [his] time as a child actor".

It's not the first time this kind of post has popped up on Reddit - a similar post in 2014 had users in a frenzy attempting to guess the identity, although that actor seemed to like his fans.

There's no way to confirm whether the latest post is legitimate, but that hasn't stopped hundreds of Reddit users guessing.