Lesbian mums Melanie and Vanessa Roy were edited out the international versions of Apple's Mother's Day ad that aired in France, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Japan.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

31 May 2016 - 1:04 PM  UPDATED 31 May 2016 - 1:04 PM

While Disney may be on the verge of releasing its first feature to include lesbian mums when Finding Dory gets released in June, it appears Apple has taken a step backward, editing lesbian mums out of the international versions of their latest 'Shot on iPhone' ad.

The original ad, which was released for Mother's Day, features mums from all over the world in stills and videos, cut together to the heart-string yanking tune of "Because You Are Who You Are" by K.S. Rhoads. In it is a still of Melanie and Vanessa Roy with their two adorable kids.

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But while Australia got this version of the ad, along with the US and Canada, it appears Apple chose to remove the Roys from the translated ads that aired in France, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Japan, while keeping the rest of the ad exactly as it is.

Here's the Japanese version:

People aren't happy. On a BuzzFeed article about the erasure of the Roys, Sarah Kreb wrote: "Shame on Apple for altering the ad."

Magali O'Brien commented: "I'm French and I would definitely like to see more lesbians in commercials. France has a very large homosexual population despite it's less than friendly attitude towards the community. It isn't illegal to be gay and gay marriage has been legal for a while now. Apple shouldn't censor ads in such a homophobic fashion for the French," while Michelle Pearce added: "Apple are aware that France legalised marriage equality before the good ol' U S of A, right?"

While Apple has kept mum on the disappointing decision to remove the Roys from the translated ads, it appears to be a move made to appease potential customers in less LGBTQI friendly countries, as same-sex marriage is not legal in Turkey, Japan or Germany. With that being said, France has recognised same-sex marriage since 2013, while Australia - which got the original ad - lags behind.