Cambridge mum Haylee Bazen took to Facebook to respond to a stranger who criticised her parenting for dressing her son in an Elsa costume.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

31 May 2016 - 11:10 AM  UPDATED 31 May 2016 - 11:12 AM

Haylee Bazen, a mum from Cambridge, had the perfect response when a woman criticised her decision to send her 3-year-old son Zackary to school as Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

Zackary, who was dressed as his favourite Disney princess so that he could perform "Let It Go" during show and tell at school that day, was having a conversation with his mum at the bus stop about who his favourite Disney princesses are, when a stranger approached them to criticise his mum's parenting.

Haylee was unimpressed, and took to Facebook to respond to the stranger, writing: “I am NOT sorry you didn’t like how he was dressed nor am I sorry that you didn’t like our discussion topic of who our favourite Disney Princess is (Snow White obviously)."

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She said that her son "can be who he wants to be" and that, yes, she sent him to school dressed as Elsa "because that's what he wanted to wear, because he wanted to show his teachers and friends his Elsa dress".

"He doesn't understand gender stereotypes YOU think he should conform to," she stated, adding that her son plays with "cars and dolls, princesses and pirates".

The mum concludes by advising the stranger to "keep [her] disapproving stares to [herself]", as well as her "poisonous words", finishing with "[you're] the one [who] should be embarrassed to leave the house".

The post has attracted 203k Facebook reactions, been shared more than 30k times, and has 19k comments, most of which are very supportive of Haylee and Zackary.

"Give them hell honey I have 4 kids and 6 grandkids and I'm behind you 100% ," wrote Louann Caparell, while Sonja Scheinost Gougeon wrote: "People can be ignorant! You keep raising that boy right! Good job".

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