Titus and Otto's friendship was made official in a school ceremony featuring "friendship bands".
Stephanie Marie Anderson

31 May 2016 - 2:29 PM  UPDATED 31 May 2016 - 3:38 PM

Freinetschool de Boomgaard, a school in Ghent, Belgium, held a fake wedding for two best friends, Titus and Otto.

The school often holds pretend wedding ceremonies for the schoolchildren, but had never held a ceremony for two kids of the same sex. However, the school was more than happy to oblige when the boys asked if they could get playground married in a ceremony made official with friendship bands.

As their classmates and staff members looked on, a teacher led the ceremony that was caught on tape by TV network TVO, who called it a "nice signal" for both children and the world alike.

In 2003, Belgium was the second country in the world to pass same-sex marriage, following the Netherlands in 2001, and former Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo was the first openly gay leader of a country.