A trailer created by Shape History and MCM Comic Con aims to prove to studios like Marvel and DC that fans want accurate representations of LGBT comic book superheroes depicted on screen.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

1 Jun 2016 - 4:21 PM  UPDATED 1 Jun 2016 - 4:21 PM

"It's time for change," begins the trailer, noting that despite being LGBTQI characters in their original comic books, the characters of Iceman, Mystique and Catwoman are portrayed as straight in film adaptations.

Shape History created the trailer with MCM Comic Con, who aired it last weekend in London. It aims to portray these characters the way they were originally depicted in the comics.

"It's time all superheroes were accurately portrayed on screen," the trailer concludes, asking viewers to share the trailer to show their support of the #LGBTSuperhero cause.

Mike Buonaiuto, who directed the trailer, told PinkNews that they were hoping to demonstrate to studios like Marvel and DC that there is a "huge audience for accurate LGBT portrayal on the big screen, and it won’t deter cinema­-goers to buy tickets.”

It's the latest addition to the discussion about LGBT superheros. Recently, the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend trended on Twitter, and Joe Russo, co-director of Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, said that chances of their being a gay superhero soon were "strong".

On the other hand, 20th Century Fox appears to have chosen to replace comic character Karma, a Vietnamese lesbian who was one of the first lesbian comic book superheros, with Magik, a straight, white character, for the new X-Men spinoff, New Mutants.

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