Ellen Page discusses her new film 'Into The Forest', which packs strong female leads, eco-sustainability and a metaphor for grief into one post-apocalyptic film.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

2 Jun 2016 - 3:34 PM  UPDATED 2 Jun 2016 - 3:34 PM

Recently, Ellen Page sat down with Shad from Q on CBC to talk about her first self-produced film Into The Forest. Adapted from the novel, Page passed the book onto Patricia Rozema, who ended up adapting it into a screenplay, as well as directing the film.

"I've always been attracted to post-apocalyptic stories," says Page of the end of days drama, starring herself and Evan Rachel Wood.

"When I read this one, about these two sisters and their struggle to survive essentially alone, I devoured the book and thought, well 'this would make a good movie', basically," she laughs, explaining her decision to make Into The Forest the first film she would produce.

As someone with an avid interest in eco-sustainability Page says that the film "encompassed a lot of things [she] was thinking about, in terms of our society's relationship to the environment, the changes we're all seeing and what that means."

Page speaks passionately about the project, saying that she had wanted to work with Evan Rachel Wood since seeing her star in the gritty coming-of-age drama Thirteen back in 2003. When asked about the rarity of a film focused on two sisters in the lead roles, she laughs: "I think we don't see two women starring in a film together that often, in general!" adding that this is "hopefully changing and continuing to change".

She tells the interviewer that the film is more than just your run-of-the-mill apocalypse film, but rather, that it is a metaphor for grief.

"It's about letting go of our expectations," she says. "The fear of change, fear of our own impermanence... they're dealing with an overall sense of grief and loss of what they've known and what they've come to expect, which I think is a huge part of just being alive."

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"I’m a privileged person. I live in Los Angeles. I have done a job that has given me money and I can walk down the street and kiss my girlfriend."

Calling the decision to come out two years ago "the best decision" she ever made, Page gets emotional, saying: "I feel like a different person."

"I'm filled with so much gratitude," she says, acknowledging that there are people who are "so affected, who struggle so much because of discrimination."

"I can't even fathom the feeling, and the day-to-day struggle and fear that people are faced with, and it's devastating and it needs to change," she finishes.

Into The Forest will be released in the U.S on July 22, and Gaycation is available to stream here.