The music video for 'What's It Gonna Be" portrays LGBT teen romance.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

3 Jun 2016 - 11:30 AM  UPDATED 3 Jun 2016 - 11:30 AM

British singer-songwriter Shura, real name Aleksandra Denton, has released a new music video for her single "What's It Gonna Be" ahead of the release of her album Nothing's Real, and it is super cute.

Featuring her and her best mate getting into all kinds of hi-jinks to win the affection of their teenage crushes, the video encapsulates the sweetness and the despair of high school love.

Shura, who came out publicly last year, also portrayed LGBT love in her music video for Touch, which went viral, reaching more than 26 million views.

Of the importance to depict all types of love, she told MM: “I’m a lesbian. That’s how I identify myself, but I think there’s a massive spectrum for everyone.

“There are many different kinds of love," she continued, noting that "it didn’t really feel like a political statement at the time".

“When you have a lot of gay friends, you don’t think of that as being different or divisive or weird, that’s just your reality," she explained, adding that she was surprised at the reaction to the video because “it wasn’t [her] intention ever to do anything divisive".

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“It was literally a group of my friends trying to do something awesome for me because they believed in what I was doing," she said of the video for Touch.

“It wasn’t until it went viral that I realised there were some people out there who were surprised or noticed that it was different to the normal video," she finished.