• Singer Kesha helped a fan orchestrate the perfect surprise proposal at Disney World's Gay Days celebration. (YouTube)Source: YouTube
Performing at Disney World Orlando's Gay Days celebration, singer Kesha helped a fan orchestrate a surprise proposal for his boyfriend after he direct messaged her on Instagram.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

8 Jun 2016 - 2:16 PM  UPDATED 8 Jun 2016 - 2:16 PM

It's Pride Month in the U.S, and as part of the month-long celebrations, Orlando's Disney World held its annual Gay Days celebration on June 4, part of the One Magical Weekend festival.

Singer Kesha was performing at the event, and helped a fan named Joseph plan an elaborate surprise proposal for his boyfriend Naveed.

Joseph spoke to Billboard about how the pop star helped him propose to his boyfriend after he direct messaged her on Instagram. Saying that he "never [thought] in million years she’d ever get back to me," Kesha responded and gave him her manager's contact details so that they could plan the details of the proposal.

Asking the couple to join her on stage, Kesha told the crowd that they were "competition winners", part of a ruse schemed up by Joseph. Kesha blindfolded the couple and motioned for the audience to remain quiet as she removed Joseph's blindfold so he could prepare for his proposal.

Completely unaware of what was about to happen, Naveed was visibly shocked to see Joseph down on one knee when Kesha removed his blindfold.

"Babe, I never knew I could love anybody as much as I love you," Joseph began. "Since the day I met you, my life has just become so much better, so, Naveed Abra, will you marry me?"

"A hundred times, yes," Naveed replied.

The crowd, and Kesha, went wild as the couple celebrated their new engagement with a kiss.

"Everything was so surreal," Joseph told Billboard. "They call it One Magical Weekend — there was nothing else that could have described what happened. It was just absolutely magical.’