• Lucy Thomas and her partner Chelsea Lang want to #flipthehate and focus on the positive after receiving an encouraging message from another Uber driver. (Twitter)Source: Twitter
“It’s so sad in this day and age people can be so narrow minded," wrote an Uber driver after hearing of the tirade of homophobic abuse Lucy Thomas and her partner Chelsea Lang received from another Uber driver.
Sophie Verass

8 Jun 2016 - 3:42 PM  UPDATED 8 Jun 2016 - 3:50 PM

Lucy Thomas and her partner Chelsea Lang, victims of an Uber driver's homophobic tirade earlier this week, are encouraging people to send positivity to those who are different after receiving a refreshing message from another Uber driver.

Lucy Thomas and her girlfriend were told to “get out of the car” when their Uber driver discovered that his passengers were a same-sex couple. According to Thomas, the driver had already used offensive language throughout the journey and was openly sharing bigoted views on race and sexuality.

Melbourne Uber driver fired after hurling abuse at a lesbian couple
A Melbourne Uber driver has been fired after calling a lesbian couple "faggots" and threatening to drag them from his car.

When questioned, the Uber driver scoffed at the victims, saying they couldn’t do anything about being discriminated against other than giving "him a one-star rating". John, the Uber driver in question, was probably surprised to find that he was swiftly fired from the car service company when Thomas' audio recording of the incident went viral on Twitter, garnering attention both nationally and internationally in the media. 
Since then, the couple has received an outpouring of love and many supportive messages from the community, but one in particular struck a chord with Thompson.

A fellow Uber driver recognised the impact that John’s behaviour could potentially have on the two women and reached out to assure them that their awful experience was not indicative of all Uber drivers.

“Lucy, I am so shocked to hear what you and your girlfriend went through with your Uber driver," the anonymous driver wrote. "Please know that not all Uber drivers are like this I can assure you."

“It’s so sad in this day and age people can be so narrow minded," they continued. "As an Uber driver myself, I would be honoured one day to take you and your girlfriend as passengers.”

In a society yet to shed oppressive attitudes toward minority groups, it’s always nice to be reminded that supportive, caring and open-minded people also walk – and drive – among us.