• Demi Lovato spoke to People magazine about the rumours that she's bisexual, and her support of the trans community. (Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images) (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
The pop star talked LGBTQIA advocacy and bisexual rumours with 'People' magazine.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

10 Jun 2016 - 11:52 AM  UPDATED 10 Jun 2016 - 11:52 AM

In a new interview with People magazine, Demi Lovato said that it's "fair to say" she's not into labels when it comes to her sexuality.

Addressing the rumours that she is bisexual, the singer and former Disney channel star told the mag: “It's something I don't think needs to have a label: As humans, It's just about a connection with someone".

People have long been speculating about Lovato's sexuality. In 2013, Aussie DJ and Orange Is The New Black actress Ruby Rose stated that she'd had a fling with Lovato, and Lovato had tongues wagging last year with the release of her single "Cool For The Summer", the lyrics of which allude to a lesbian romance.

Lovato also spoke about her stance on transgender peoples' right to use the bathroom in line with their gender identity. At the Billboard Music Awards recently, she wore a shirt with the symbol for trans bathroom rights. Lovato and Nick Jonas, who are currently on tour in the U.S. together, also cancelled their North Carolina Future Now concerts after the state passed a bathroom bill discriminating against trans people. Their joint statement read: “North Carolina’s discriminatory HB2 law is extremely disappointing, and it takes away some of the LGBT community’s most basic rights and protections. But we will not allow this to stop us from continuing to make progress for equality and acceptance. We know the cancellation of these shows is disappointing to our fans, but we trust that you will stand united with us against this hateful law.”

Demi Lovato supports transgender rights at the Billboard Music Awards
Singer brings message of transgender-inclusive bathrooms to the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Of her support of the trans community, Lovato says: "It's something I'm passionate about because I get it; I grew up in Texas. Being different in Texas or in the South in general, you can be judged.

"I grew up in a home where there was absolutely nothing wrong with somebody identifying as another sex or liking the same sex," she continued. "People will say, 'Thank you so much for all that you do.' And my response is: It's just something that people should already be doing."