• The music producer has previously said 'everyone is a lil gay' (Getty Images)Source: Getty Images
Tweeting with hip-hop artist Angel Haze, the DJ and producer said he is "half gay".
Bianca Soldani

15 Jun 2016 - 4:37 PM  UPDATED 15 Jun 2016 - 4:37 PM

Earlier today Mara Wilson revealed that she identifies as a "2" on the Kinsey scale, and now it seems Diplo is also embracing his LGBTQIA+ identity, revealing on Twitter that he is "half gay".

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“Let me put it this way: I’m a 2," said Wilson, referring to the Kinsey scale.

In a conversation on Twitter this week, the DJ, record producer and ex-boyfriend of Katy Perry, tweeted the following:

He was chatting to hip hop artist Angel Haze, who responded, "@diplo im only half gay too. lets [love]".

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"We've told the straight, heteronormative stories ad nauseam by now, in our movies, our shows, our commercials – everywhere."

Diplo's revelation comes after he replied to a Reddit user’s question about his sexuality in 2014 by saying “everyone is a lil gay”. And his latest statement has sparked just as interesting a response online.