• The new gay emojis. (Facebook)Source: Facebook
Now people can message with pride, and up their dating app emoji game.
Sarah Norton

23 Jun 2016 - 2:16 PM  UPDATED 23 Jun 2016 - 2:17 PM

A new emoji keyboard created for the gay community, by the gay community is available on iTunes.

Gmojiz - produced by Kibo - allows users to send gay-themed stickers, sounds and themes directly to friends. The message app says it will “spice up your keyboard,” so you can, “share your wildest thoughts and communicate like never before.”

The project began after the company was approached by an Israeli musician and LGBTQIA+ activist Ivri Lider, reports Attitude.co.uk.

Kibo has produced emoji sets for different communities, like many Football Clubs previously so Lider asked them to create something for the gay community.

There is an array of 'dating' stickers and 'love' stickers, with other features described on the app's iTunes download page.

The Dating Stickers

The dating emojis. (Kibo / via Attitude.co.uk)

The Love Stickers

The love emojis. (Kibo / via Attitude.co.uk)

It is designed for both iPhones and iPads, and you must be at least 17 years old to download it.

You can download from the iTunes Apple store and start using them right now.

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