... Because the other 364 days weren't enough, right?
Stephanie Marie Anderson

30 Jun 2016 - 2:07 PM  UPDATED 30 Jun 2016 - 2:07 PM

LGBTQIA+ Twitter is having a ball shutting down the hashtag #HeterosexualPrideDay, which began trending overnight after a Texas man named Sam tweeted about straight people attending Gay Pride parades.

"Why do 'straight' men and women go to the gay pride parades?" he tweeted, according to the New York Daily News, before creating the hashtag as a 'response' to the USA's Pride Month.

Well, Twitter was quick to respond, but unfortunately (or, fortunately, as the case may be) for Sam, they did not @ him.

Here are the best responses to #HeterosexualPrideDay.

Some pointed out the absurdity of the hashtag:

Some 'celebrated' with photos of iconic heterosexual couples:

Others responded with snark:

And all of a sudden, the hashtag belonged to LGBT+ people and Pride month was restored. 


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