• Years And Years' frontman Olly Alexander in the music video for "Worship". (YouTube, Universal Music Group)Source: YouTube, Universal Music Group
Featuring Olly Alexander licking a windshield.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

1 Jul 2016 - 2:25 PM  UPDATED 1 Jul 2016 - 2:25 PM

UK band Years And Years have released the music video to accompany their latest single, "Worship". In the film clip, frontman Olly Alexander performs a very intense interpretive dance for a man in a car who has been following him.

Following the interpretive dance, Olly then fights off a number of crop-top and short-short adorned men in a sexually-charged confrontation between hustlers that feels nostalgic and new all at once.

Performing recently at the Glastonbury Festival, Olly spoke out about the need for queer people to "shove a rainbow in fear's face" in the wake of Orlando.

Years & Years' Olly Alexander tells Glastonbury crowd to "shove a rainbow in fear's face"
The singer invited the crowd to say "no thank you" to fear in an inspiring speech at the Glastonbury music festival over the weekend.

"Worship" is the fifth single to be released from Years And Years' debut album, Communion. At the release of their last single, "Desire", Olly spoke about wanting to celebrate all kinds of love in the music video, which features sexual encounters across the spectrum, saying that "there are a lot of other sexualities and identities that are well deserving of some shiny pop video love" other than heterosexual romances.

UK band Years & Years wants to make art celebrating all sexualities, queer identities
Frontman Olly Alexander released a statement about Years & Years' music video for new single "Desire", addressing diversity and sexuality in the pop music video genre.