• "I remember when we broke up... the first time," - Justin, probably. (Showtime)Source: Showtime
Like... ever.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

4 Jul 2016 - 4:37 PM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2016 - 4:40 PM

In a new interview with Daily Xtra, Queer as Folk star Randy Harrison reveals that he hopes his character Justin never got back together with Brian (played by Gale Harold), saying that the age difference would've taken a toll on the pair's already tumultuous relationship.

“I would hope that they wouldn’t [have got back together], just for Justin’s sake,” he says. “I just feel like if you’re 17 and you start sleeping with a 30-year-old, your development’s going to be thwarted if you never go out on your own for a significant amount of time.”

Still, for the fans who loved the pairing, Harrison adds: “I mean maybe they come back together, I don’t know. It’s a romantic fantasy, the whole show is fantasy so it’s hard to think about rationally entirely."


Jokingly, he concludes: "For the fans, yeah, I hope they’re back together, married, and they have a family and are living in a cottage in the country.”

While Harrison may not love the idea of Brian and Justin being together forever, he tells the interviewer that the cast would be "all game" for a reboot of the beloved series, but is unsure of whether anyone would be interested in watching it, given how long it's been since the show ended in 2005.

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“We’re all old people now, the middle-aged Queer As Folk might not be the same but the cast all loves each other still and we’re all friends, we’re all open to it but I don’t know. Who knows?” he says.

Brian and Justin together or not, we are definitely, definitely interested.