• 'Grand Theft Auto V' has a new Pride parade modification available for PC gamers. (YouTube)Source: YouTube
'Grand Theft Auto's' fictional city now has its own Pride parade, complete with a nod to the victims of Orlando.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

14 Jul 2016 - 2:31 PM  UPDATED 14 Jul 2016 - 3:21 PM

Grand Theft Auto is a game that has attracted a lot of controversy over the years, making headlines for its violent torture scenes and misogynistic treatment of women.

When the series' latest installment was released in 2013, GameSpot reviewer Carolyn Petit said that the game "has little room for women except to portray them as strippers, prostitutes, long-suffering wives, humorless girlfriends and goofy, new-age feminists we’re meant to laugh at".

In Australia, Target stores quickly removed Grand Theft Auto 5 from its shelves following a petition regarding the game's depictions of violence against women which attracted nearly 50,000 signatures.

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Despite this, it continues to be one of the best-selling games, and today the franchise is making headlines for something positive.

The franchise known for being as politically incorrect as possible has just released a Pride modification for PC gamers, complete with a touching tribute to the victims of the gun massacre that took place at Orlando's Pulse nightclub in June.

The unofficial game modification, created by a team of GTA fans, alongside the organisers of Stockholm Pride and Swedish ad company Garverg, turns the streets of Los Santos - the game's fictional city - into a rainbow Pride extravaganza.

The Pride parade has it all, from floats and DJs, to rainbow-clad partygoers.

Christian Valtersson, the president of Stockholm Pride, said that they created the game modification to send a “message of love and equality" because it's something that "is always needed".

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“It has been wonderful to get to cooperate with such creative and talented people as the ones who made this idea into reality," he added, noting that Garverg completed the project on a pro-bono basis to support Stockholm Pride, and that there was no financial incentive to do so.

And for those who are justifiably concerned that players will use the parade as a way to display violence or bigotry against LGBT+ people, never fear, because the creators are one step ahead of the bigots. The parade and its floats are completely indestructible within the game to prove that even in one of the most controversial games in the industry, love is love, and it conquers all.