• 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' actress Stephanie Beatriz came out as bisexual on Twitter. (Getty Images, Michael Tullberg)Source: Getty Images, Michael Tullberg
The actress came out on Twitter with a simple "yup".
Stephanie Marie Anderson

18 Jul 2016 - 1:39 PM  UPDATED 18 Jul 2016 - 1:39 PM

Stephanie Beatriz, known for her role as Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine came out as bisexual on Twitter yesterday.

In what may be the most to-the-point coming out in history, the story of Beatriz' coming out is one of three words and four emojis.

First, she retweeted an article about Aubrey Plaza's coming out, which happened last week, adding a simple "yup", as in, "same".

'Parks and Recreation' actress Aubrey Plaza comes out as queer
She revealed that she "falls in love with girls and guys" in a new interview.

A fan responded to this with an equally to the point "IS", as in, "is this what I think it is?"

Beatriz confirmed that yes, she's bisexual with a simple "yes y'all", clarifying her statement with the girl and boy kissing emoji, the A-OK emoji, the girls kissing emoji, and the A-OK emoji.

With this news, can we just add that we would 100% ship Beatriz getting together with Kate McKinnon?

As much as Rosa would disapprove, we're feeling a little emotional right now.