BRB, re-reading all my 'Baby-Sitters Club' novels.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

7 Sep 2016 - 3:42 PM  UPDATED 7 Sep 2016 - 5:07 PM

You guys, did we all know that Ann M. Martin, author and creator of YOUR CHILDHOOD in all of the Baby-Sitters Club novels, is totally queer?!

Look, let me be honest with you and say that I was really more of a Sweet Valley gal, but this simple little line in this excellent Vulture profile on the author has me SHOOK!

Actual footage of my weave being snatched by this news:

Okay, so stay with me here because we have a lot to unpack.

Firstly, Vulture adds this line in like it's common knowledge, which to me, evidently, it was not. I took to Google to see if I was the only one who'd somehow missed this information, like the detective I am.

My detective work brought me the receipts I was looking for: a 2007 post from iconic celebrity gossip LiveJournal OhNoTheyDidnt entitled - and I quote - "Ann M. Martin: Huuuge Dyke". The post reports that it is "confirmed" that she is a lesbian and that she lives with her (then) partner, Laura. Also in 2007, a Baby-Sitters Club fan blog speculated about AMM's sexuality, with one user writing: "I always thought AMM was a lesbian. Always just sort of assumed in my head anyway. No idea why."

Well, Anonymous user of the Claudia's Room blogspot, you were correct, and your gaydar is more finely tuned than mine.

Looking back, perhaps there were ~some clues~, as it's been long-speculated that Kristy, everyone's favourite take-charge tomboy and leader of the club, was a lesbian.

The Hairpin addressed this in their 2011 Where Are They Now imagining of where the Baby-Sitters Club members would've ended up, opening with this definitive line:

And they're not the only ones who presumed that to be the case. "In retrospect, it is completely obvious to me that Kristy was a budding young lesbian," wrote blog The Underwear Drawer in 2003. "It was no secret that Kristy Thomas was a raging lesbian; equally obvious was Kristy’s extreme obsession with her best friend, Mary Anne Spier," wrote another. "With her bossy nature, mind for business and love of women, Kristy uses an existing business model and creates Brenda, the lesbian version of Grindr," speculated another.

So, yeah. Kristy's gay. And yet, AMM tells Vulture she's "such a Mary-Anne". Maybe Kristy had a shot with Mary-Anne, after all. 

And finally, there's this excerpt from the Vulture piece, also:

“I’ve probably fostered hundreds of cats,” she says. “Right now I have five kittens, and their default setting is making the tiniest little hisses you can imagine,” she says. “Taking care of them is like my version of babysitting.”

I'm just going to leave this link here:


Okay, I'm off to re-read my BSC books with FRESH EYES. If you need me, I'll be writing Kristy/Mary-Anne slash-fic for the rest of the week.