• There wasn't a dry eye in the room when Pulse survivor Tony Marrero met Katy Perry, whose song "Rise" helped him with his recovery. (CBS / Ellen / E! Online)Source: CBS / Ellen / E! Online
I am sobbing.
Stephanie Marie Anderson

9 Sep 2016 - 1:15 PM  UPDATED 9 Sep 2016 - 1:15 PM

Tony Marrero was leaving Pulse with his best friend Luis Vielma when the gunman began shooting. They both hit the floor, getting separated in the chaos, and that was the last time Tony would see Luis; Tony was shot four times in the back, Luis was one of the 49 people killed that night.

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While Tony was in the hospital recovering, he tweeted a picture to Ellen DeGeneres, which Ellen saw.

She called Tony's friend Raysha, and invited Tony on The Ellen Show.

"I was basically at the foot of the bed while [Tony] was in the hospital," says Raysha, "and we were just kind of talking, and my phone started to ring. It said 'unknown number'."

"'Oh hi Tony, it's Ellen DeGeneres, someone sent me a picture of you'," recounts Tony. "I said 'Ellen, all I wanna do is shake your hand', and she said 'guess what? No. You're gonna give me a big hug!'"

But the surprises didn't end there. After Tony shared his emotional account of his night at Pulse, Ellen surprised him with a visit from Katy Perry, whose song "Rise" inspired Tony to keep going through his hospital stay.

"The lyrics to that song are so powerful, I just embraced it." he says, adding "My boyfriend is annoyed already by the song, but I play it and play it and play it because it's so beautiful."

You guys, if you're not already crying from the first video, you're going to need to stop reading and grab some tissues, because I am sobbing at my desk and so is every single person in this video.

Already emotional, Katy walks onto the stage with tears in her eyes and embraces Tony, joking that she had "folded a napkin in [her] hand like a little granny," because she knew she was going to cry.

"Your story is just so inspirational," she tells Tony as they both fight back tears.

Tony thanks Katy for helping him get through the past few months, saying: "I just want to say thank you for everything that you do. Your lyrics to that song helped me from the day that I was in the hospital all the way to now. You're amazing."

But again, the surprises weren't over yet. "I heard that you're creative, like me," says Katy. "I heard that you wanna go to film school, so I personally wanna pay for your first year at film school".

Honestly, if you watch one Katy Perry video in your entire life, make it this one because it is well worth the three minutes of your life.